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Baby Stroller Ultimate Luxury

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In our experiences with our little ones, the first time round we were duped into paying for an all out retail priced super pram… folded down we barely had a boot left after putting it in…

we soon changed to a cheap model which was great but the pathetic wheels make  going out anywhere other than in-door shopping centres, etc really hard…

It wasn’t long before we discovered this luxurious beast of a travel stroller! 

With our first child already 4 and our newest addition just hitting 1 – we’ve had a good year trialling this product… 

There isn’t much better around no matter what you pay! This with it’s little gimmicky add-ons has been one of the best additions to our family!
& Best of all it fits in the damn car along with the shopping no problems… 


  • Two way implementation – Great to watch the little one’s when they are tiny or scared.
  • Breathable sunroof – for those not so sunny days 
  • Hard board support – It becomes the pack horse… this is it’s strength
  • T-type guard belt anti-slip
  • Three positions – comfy…comfier…comfiest!
  • Front wheel universal and four wheel brake suspension – go to parks? you’ll appreciate this, and so will your child!
  • Easy folding, easy traveling – fits in the majority of boots/trunks comfortably… 
  • Large capacity storage basket – mmm… more shopping….
  • 5 point seat belt – secure the little turd when they’re naughty! 
  • Variety of colours – No one needs to be the same… 
  • Add-on gifts – when you equip a drink, bring on the music entertainment, protect the little one from the insects, and one little cosy pad – easy to wash and comfy to touch! 


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